The End of the Universe

Adarsh Anshul
3 min readJul 10, 2021
Picture source: Black Hole : Astronomers Identify Closest to Earth by savedelete


As we are aware of, the end of the universe is said to be caused by a phenomenon called as ‘heat death’ which will make the total entropy of the universe to zero, and making the temperature reach the absolute zero limit due to the continuous expansion of the universe even after the death of the final black hole.

The Theory

The theory which I have proposed is, that matter has a property of wanting to go to absolute zero, and this spontaneity of wanting to go to this stage is what causes the expansion of the universe. Hence, this spontaneity is the dark energy which causes expansion. But the question is, what will happen after the so called ‘heat death’ of the universe? We have absolutely no idea what will happen if the temperature wants to fall even below the absolute zero as we haven’t been able to record the behavior of atoms at such a low temperature. But instinctively, the elements should have an urge to go back to the absolute zero even after crossing the temperature (As it will result in negative heat and vibrational energy which may cause collapse in the last remaining photons in the universe).

Therefore, in the end, one of the two conclusions may follow:

  1. The expansion of the universe ceases, and it just becomes an empty space.
  2. The expansion ceases, but the urge and spontaneity of the photons/atoms to go to an higher temperature (from absolute zero) is higher than the urge for it to go to absolute zero from a higher temperature, this in turn will cause the Big Crunch.

I personally would go for choosing the 2nd conclusion as it may better explain the first state if our universe (before the Big bang).

As we all know, the universe is expanding at a rate which is increasing for now. But it may be possible that the state of the universe is inconsistent and there is no beginning to our universe. What I mean is, the state of the universe follows the general wave equation. As we know, the universe is still young, and hence, the state of the universe is more likely to be on the part of the wave just ahead of a trough (trough signifies the big bangs, and the crests signify the big crunches).

This would explain the increasing rates of expansion, and the point of the wave when it crosses the point of absolute zero, is what we can think of as the point when the expansion slows down and we somewhat reach the crest of the state wave.

This not only explains the source of the dark energy driving the expansion of our universe, but also explains the so called ‘starting’ and the ‘ending’ of our universe.

Mathematical Modelling

All attempts to model it mathematically have failed as I lack experience in this field, though I believe it has something to do with the 2nd law of thermodynamics and the wave equations along with the speed of expansion of the universe currently.


  1. The dark energy driving the expansion if the universe could be the sponteinity of matter to achieve the absolute zero temperature.
  2. The universe might have a wave dictating it’s state where the crests signify the big bang stages and the troughs signify the big crunch stages.